Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Contact names and numbers are included with the RSD contact list?
  2. All mainstream (50+Kw) radio stations nationwide who report their playlists to music tracking services.

  3. Why do I need RSDís contact list?
  4. In order to catch the eye of label A&Rís, sell your music outside of your local/semi-regional area code, or get considered for video play on video networks you will need to be able to show spins from multiple radio stations. The only way to get radio spins is to contact the correct person at each radio station and get them your music.

  5. Will using the RSD contact list guarantee radio play?
  6. No. RSD provides you with the list of phone numbers and contact names for mainstream radio stations nationwide. The rest is up to you. To assist, you can find useful tips and tricks at

  7. Why should I purchase RSDís monthly subscription?
  8. Program/Music Directors are hired and fired all the time. RSDís monthly subscription will keep you up to date with the most recent contact information each month. While the individual list should be fine, it will eventually become outdated and will have to be purchased again.

  9. Why canít I just go to the station website(s) and get the info?
  10. You can! Come back and visit us after your fourth or fifth radio station that either: doesnít have the info, has incorrect info, or does not have a website. You can also cook your own hamburger or paint your own car. Let RSD do the legwork for you.

  11. Will I get a record deal by using RSD?
  12. RSD does not guarantee we will land you a record deal.